The Standard 2-Shelf Module

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The Standard 2-Shelf Module offers customizable usage and form, allowing you to create a unique furniture piece that perfectly reflects your lifestyle.

Product Desciption


Overall: 16.4" L x 32.1" W x 29.75" H

Weight Limit: 250 lb. per shelf

What's Included?

A. Shelf Panels

B. Long Posts

C. Long Support Beams

D. Short Support Beams

E. Safety Caps

F. Rack Connectors

G. Wall Bracket

H. Assembly Hammer

What's the difference between the Classic and the Standard module?

The Standard module is an upgraded version of the Classic, packed with enhanced features. Here's what you can expect with the Standard:

1. Slide-and-Lock System: Experience the convenience of our newly developed post hole system. It ensures a robust connection by securely locking the beams to the post. The beam effortlessly slides into place on the post, and once connected, it remains secure even when subjected to movement or shaking.

2. Wood-Grained Shelf: We've incorporated a wood grain texture into the shelf board to enhance its visual appeal and provide a more realistic look. This thoughtful detail adds a touch of sophistication to your modular furniture setup.

3. Quicker and Quieter Assembly: With our new post hole and beam connector shapes, the assembly process has become faster and quieter. The redesigned shapes allow parts to connect swiftly and effortlessly, saving you time and effort. Say goodbye to unwanted noise during assembly – we've ensured a smooth and peaceful experience from start to finish.

Highlight Features

Quality Made

The powder-coated steel frame resists scratches and rust, while the sleek and sturdy E1 grade wood-look MDF shelves hold up to 250lbs per shelf.

Easy Assembly

Building one Kepsuul module takes less than 15 minutes! Enjoy the easy assembly process with no bolts or screws. Everything you need to build is in the box, including a reusable mallet!

Durable Design

Experience enhanced durability with the upgraded Standard model, featuring a newly developed post hole system and a wood-grained shelf.


Customize Kepsuul modules in a variety of creative configurations to personalize your space! With all parts being interchangeable, there’s nothing that can stop you from turning a shelf into a closet then into a desk!

Minimalist Design

Kepsuul’s minimalist and modern design complements any interior style! The base comes in two neutral colors, black or white, to provide versatile styling options. Add doors, shelves, panels, or clothing racks depending on your needs.

Make It Yours

Customize your set even further by adding a splash of color with KROMA panels and doors, wood-look shelves, hanger bars, or light bar.

Designer Tips

Tip #1: Different Shelf Types

Play around with the placement and rotation of your beams to create four different shelf types.

Tip #2: Split Your Modules

All Kepsuul systems are modular and designed for adaptability. Have fun and split your modules to maximize your space with the Kepsuul.

Tip #3: Adjust Your Shelf Height

All shelving beams are fully adjustable. Change the height of your shelves based on your exact needs.

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