How To Guide

Want tips on how to build the KEPSUUL?

Let's build it together!

Follow our short instruction guide videos that cover the basics of each KEPSUUL parts:



(1) Connecting Post to Post
(2) Connecting Post to Beam
(3) Installing Back & Side Panels
(4) Installing Doors
(5) Installing Mesh Board
(6) Installing Clothing Rack
(7) Turning a Shelf type into Basket type


Designer tips will guide you through helpful, insider tips that will make your Kepsuul building experience smoother.

Tip #1: How to know your beam is connected to your post
 Tip #2: Easy way to install the doors
 Tip #3: Which way should the post be facing?
 Tip #4: The proper panel orientation

Want More?
Check out our Youtube channel with a Playlist of tutorials and tips!