Clothing Rack + 2 Shelf + 1 Door in White/Coral

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Organize. Personalize. Kepsuulize - with our distinctive Kepsuul Clothing Rack + 2 Shelf + 1 Door module.

Both functional and stylish, this easy to assemble, minimalist-designed unit transforms your bedroom or closet into an oasis of organization. Featuring a hanger bar for clothes and two shelves for other wardrobe accessories, it can be used alone or combined with other modules in a variety of creative configurations to personalize your space.

Available in white base to seamlessly complement most interior styles, it features one set of reversible doors to inject a vibrant dash of coral or the warmth of light wood into your roomscape.  Also includes a hanger bar and corresponding side beams to help you transform any of your Kepsuul modules into a convenient and stylish clothing rack.

Kepsuul is designed to be used as a modular system combining 2 or more units. Sturdiness is increased when you combine 2 or more units with the enclosed clips.

    Highlight Features


    Customize Kepsuul modules in a variety of creative configurations to personalize your space! With all parts being interchangeable, there’s nothing that can stop you from turning a shelf into a closet then into a desk!

    Sturdy & Quality Made

    The powder-coated steel frame resists scratches and rust, while the sleek and sturdy E1 grade wood-look MDF shelves hold up to 250lbs per shelf. Feel free to hang heavy winter coats as each hanger bar can handle up to 88lbs!

    Easy Assembly

    Building one Kepsuul module takes less than 10 minutes! (That’s a full shelf right there) Enjoy the easy assembly process with no bolts or screws. Everything you need to build is in the box, including a reusable mallet!

    Travel Friendly

    Utilize Kepsuul for event and convention setups! The quick build and breakdown process makes Kepsuul an ideal option for small booths at craft fairs and conventions. Bring Kepsuul to any event that requires sturdy yet portable furniture.

    Minimalist Design

    Kepsuul’s minimalist and modern design complements any interior style! The base comes in two neutral colors, black or white, to provide versatile styling options. Add doors, shelves, panels, or clothing racks depending on your needs.

    Make It Yours

    Customize your set even further by adding a splash of color with KROMA panels and doors, wood-look shelves, hanger bars, or light bar.

    Clothing Rack+2 Shelf+1 Door Comes With:

    A. Shelf Panels

    B. Long Posts

    C. Short Posts

    D. Long Support Beams

    E. Short Support Beams

    F. Upper Rail Support Beam

    G. Door Handles

    H. Door

    I. Panel Brackets

    J. Back Panel

    K. Side Panel

    L. Lower Rail Support Beam

    M. Hanger Support Beam (Left/Right)

    N. Hanger Bar

    O. Safety Caps

    P. Post Connectors

    Q. Support Beam Holders

    R. Rack Connectors

    S. Wall Backet

    T. Assembly Hammer

    Watch Door Tutorial

    Watch Hanger Tutorial









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